About us

REXframe NZ is a completely New Zealand owned company centrally based in Feilding.

Although a new company, producing and selling a new and exciting range of signage solutions in New Zealand, we are far from the bottom of a steep learning curve.

We have on staff, an experienced team of signage professionals, a network of install partners nationwide and a passion to see an amazing new range of products embraced in New Zealand, like has been throughout the rest of the world.

Also on our team, at the end of the phone, via email or a short plane ride away is the hugely experienced REXframe international support team, including the creator of the REXframe system, Rod Peter.

We are proud to be representing a truly international brand and giving all New Zealand companies the opportunity to have access to the massive advantages that soft signage can give to them, but not only this, enabling them to be able to make the choice to act in the best interests of our environment when making signage decisions.