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REXframe Expo & Event Solutions advantages are totally unrivalled when comparing to traditional signage

REXframe Expo & Event Solutions are totally unrivaled
when compared to traditional signage.


  • Challenging the traditional methods for large scale application, to produce options that are easy to setup, transport and store.
  • Simplifying setup times to ensure minimising labour costs while creating dramatic impact.
  • Transported and stored between events at a fraction of the cost and effort of large/heavy traditional signage. 3m x 3m booth can be modulated to fit in the boot of a car.
  • Robust and resistant to accidental damage in both transport and during events.
  • Illumination, incredible effect without having external spot lights detracting from your brand or message.
  • Customisation, can be design effectively to practically any size, shape and custom made for your event.
  • Picture perfect, no light reflection, quality assurance for filming or photographing in front of.
  • Changeability, keeping your event environment fresh and inviting, creating a standard size you can have multiple prints which take up minimal storage space.
  • Robust, the prints are machine washable making them indefinitely reusable.
  • Three dimensional, construction of multiple geometric shapes is possible, giving your message the opportunity to come off the wall or floor.
  • Positioning for ‘through sign attachments’ to hold 3D letters or shelves.                             
  • Integration to create a professional seamless finish for multimedia.
  • Environmentally responsible, framing and frame components are totally recyclable, prints are created with water based inks and can be reduced to a fraction of display size for disposal.