Illuminated | Solutions

REXframe Illuminated Solutions leave traditional illuminated signage in the dark.



  • Lightboxes can be cost effectively made to practically any size you want, from small and discrete to eye-wateringly large.
  • Like all REXframe solutions, prints are easily changed by your own staff, eliminating the need to organise, pay for and have to work around a signwriter to change your images or messages.
  • Using a tried and proven combination of the correct fabric media and LED’s fitted with specifically designed defusing lenses, light spotting on the print is totally eliminated as well as pinprick light leakage through the image.
  • Illumination levels can be controlled via fixed or remote dimmers.
  • With the use of RGB LED technology, truly amazing dynamic lighting effects can be achieved. 
  • If using at an Expo or Event, a REXframe lightbox can be dismantled for transporting and quickly and easily set up on-site, in most cases this can be easily achieved using your own staff
  • Being easily dismantled, transported and erected, retail based lightboxes can double as Expo or Show lightboxes
  • Illumination using LED’s are robust and resistant to accidental damage, and being run using 12 volt produce negligible amounts of heat so are very safe and very cost effective to run.
  • Although emitting light, prints on lightboxes reflect no light, so are perfect for filming or photographing in front of.
  • Flexible and resistant to accidental damage, both on display and while being stored.
  • When supplied with multiple prints, any unused print is able to be stored away at a fraction of display size, and these are robust and machine washable making these indefinitely reusable.
  • Incredibly lightweight compared with traditional lightboxes, REXframe lightboxes give your message the opportunity to come off the wall or the floor, and can be made in a multiple of geometric shapes, making your message authentically three dimensional.
  • All replacement prints are 100% guaranteed to fit your frame, and sent with a photo of these fitted into a test frame for your piece of mind.
  • Environmentally responsible, framing and frame components are totally recyclable, prints are created with water based inks and can be reduced to a fraction of display size for disposal.